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Do you want to increase your website sales without paying any money to Google? The key to achieving this is through effective Google SEO. Many website owners are already implementing SEO strategies to secure a first-page position on Google.

Every day, thousands of Swedish business owners use Google to get free website traffic, which helps them increase their profits. So investing in Google search engine optimization in 2023 will be a wise decision. 

Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

We offer a Keyword Research service, which is the first stage of an SEO campaign. During this stage, we aim to identify the keywords your customers are using to find your products. This step is crucial because selecting the wrong keyword could result in the failure of your campaign.

Analysis & Tracking

In our analysis and tracking service, we integrate various tags and tracking tools (such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Meta Pixel, etc.) into your website. This enables you to track your website visitors and gain a deeper understanding of their behavior.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO service aims to optimize your website's technical aspects to ensure proper crawling and indexing by search engines, especially Google. Our team addresses various issues, such as site speed, SSL certificate, indexation, sitemap, robots.txt, image alt text, broken images, missing anchor text, canonical tags, unnecessary redirect chains, mobile-friendliness, and more.

On-Page SEO

Our On-page SEO service focuses on optimizing all the visible aspects of your website that are visible to both website visitors and search engine bots. This includes creating a catchy and informative title, developing content that provides value to your readers, placing keywords in appropriate locations, using header tags properly, including meta descriptions, optimizing images, relevant interlinking, creating content clusters, and optimizing website design elements such as color, logo, navigation, and more.

Off-Page SEO

Our Off-page SEO service is designed to promote your website through various channels beyond your website, such as social media platforms, business directories, and related websites. This stage is a crucial aspect of an SEO campaign, as it helps improve your website's search engine ranking through various backlinks and mentions from other relevant websites and online platforms.

Follow up Service

This is an additional service. After finishing the contract your keyword should be on the first page. But if you stop doing SEO then you might lose your position. So we offer a new contract at a very affordable price where we handle your website and make sure you hold your position on google. At this stage, we might publish new content every month and do some guest posts.

Why Should You Choose Us Instead of Other SEO Agencies?

You should choose us because we are all in one service. You don’t have to go to other agencies for any project. We offer Web Development, Web Design, Graphics Design, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Blog SEO, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing everything. And we do all these things at a very affordable price. 

If you are looking for all these services at a very affordable price you can consider us. 

But if you want only the SEO service, you should choose us because we believe that we are one of the best SEO agencies in Sweden.  And we believe that because if you search SEO Agency Stockholm or Solna, you will find us. 

Why Should You Choose Us

Read Most Frequent Questions

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization, and the person who does the optimization is called a search engine optimizer. According to Statcounter in Sweden, around 93% of people search their queries in google so SEO experts optimize their client websites mainly in google.

Since it’s a bit tricky to get ranked in Google so when you rank here you automatically get ranked in other search engines (like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo).

If we want to explain SEO in a simple way, we will say, it is the process of getting a particular keyword of a particular webpage to the google page no one. 

Now the question is should you invest in it if you are a local business owner or an e-commerce website owner? We will definitely say yes. Because more than 90% of the traffic doesn’t go to the second page of google and all of them click on the first 10 results. 
According to Oberlo, Google processes over 8.5 Billion searches per day. So there are many customers who may search about your products and services everyday. So if you are not targeting them you are losing your opportunities.

Of Course, SEO is effective and it works. You can’t get to google’s first page if you are not doing google SEO. In fact, google suggests website owners to do SEO for their websites. Google also published a guideline for SEO experts and webmasters so that they can optimize their websites for Google

An SEO agency is a digital marketing agency whose main goal is to optimize your website for the search engine. An SEO agency might offer various services but their main service will be ranking your website on the search engine’s first page.

There are many people who prefer a freelancer instead of an SEO Agency because freelancers charge less than an SEO Agency. But there are also some drawbacks. Like, 

  • Freelancers are not that professional
  • They often delay the projects 
  • The quality of the work is not that good
  • They don’t give transparent reports
  • They use some bad SEO practices. 

We will prefer you to find a good SEO agency for you. Just search for the best SEO agency company in Sweden, and you will find tons of good SEO agencies for you. 

If budget is the key factor for you, you can call us (+4654522222), we might give you a special discount. 

It really depends. There is no exact answer. 

It depends mainly on keyword length, competition, industry, and your domain age or maturity. 

Not really. You may not like hearing this, but it’s true because you probably don’t have the same experience as agencies. And SEO is a time-consuming thing so the opportunity cost is really high. Instead, you handle the business while leaving the SEO to a credible SEO agency. 

But if you really want to do it yourself, you might get help from our blogs. We regularly post helpful articles about SEO and online marketing.

We offer almost all digital services like, 

  • Web design
  • Web development 
  • Graphics Design
  • Local SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Blog SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

The duration of the ranking on Google depends on so many things. Like: keyword length, competition, industry, and your domain age or maturity. 

But if we want to simplify, 

  • Low competition keywords take at least 6 months and 
  • High-competition keywords take at least 1 year.  

So the average SEO contracts are around one year.

No, you can’t stop doing SEO. If you do, your competitors will outrank you, and you will lose your position. 

So mainly after finishing the SEO contract, we offer a follow-up contract, where we mainly handle your website and make sure you hold your position. 

And we offer this contract at a very affordable price so that you can stay connected with us as long as possible and hold your position on search engines. 

It will be best if a real expert can write the article but if you don’t have a writer then we can help you. We have our professional writer who can write industry-leading articles with expert help.

Here the product and services are yours which means you are the expert. So our writers will communicate with you and based on that information they will write an article that can rank. 

It is very important to optimize your website for the search engine like Google because if you optimize your website, then the search engine will give it a better rank and that means you will get more traffic from  google. And we know that more traffic means more profit. 

So it will be a good idea to optimize your website for search engines like google.

Local SEO means ranking a particular keyword in a particular local area. Like: Ready flat in Manhattan. 

In this situation, we want to rank in a local area, not in the whole world. 

Mainly the local business wants to do the local SEO because their range of services is limited and they don’t want any irrelevant traffic. 

It is a very effective SEO method and works really well. Many local businesses benefit from it. 

You can not rank on google if your website is not mobile-friendly. In Fact, now people are using the internet more on mobile phones than on desktop computers. And google clearly mentioned in their SEO starter guide that “Make your site mobile-friendly” and they also give us a tool called “mobile friendly test” where we can check if our website is mobile friendly or not. The tool also shows us the issues if it has any. 


From an inhuman perspective, mobile friendliness is also a big factor. You will never use a website if it’s not mobile-friendly. So you leave the website early and it gives a clear idea to google that people are not liking your website. And at that time google started to devalue your website. 

Definitely page speed matters in SEO. If your webster loads really fast then you are more likely to rank on google. In fact, google rolled out an update in 2021 about the page speed where they penalized websites with low page speed. They even provide a tool where you can measure page speed and issues with the page speed

So yes the page speed matters and you must speed up your website if you want to rank on any search engine.

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