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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a great way to increase sales and leads for small and medium-sized businesses. It runs on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model. That means you will pay only when someone clicks on your result and that makes it lucrative. 

Because it runs on the PPC model, you can target a large number of audiences at a very affordable price. That is why small and medium size businesses use these marketing tools a lot because it ensures the Return on Investment (ROI).

SEM Services

Google Ads

We are experienced in running Google ads and making high conversions out of them. If you want to target search engine traffic Google is the best platform.  

Bing Ads

Bing is also another search engine like Google and getting popular every day because of the new chat feature in search engine. We also can run Bing ads. 

Our Google Ad Campaigns

Google Search and Shopping Campaigns

Google Search Campaigns aim to drive website traffic while Google Shopping Campaigns aim to boost conversion rates for local e-commerce stores by displaying product information at the top of search results, leading to increased revenue.

Google Display and App Campaigns

Google Display Campaigns show ads on websites, while Google App Campaigns show ads inside mobile apps. Display Ads and App Campaigns are both for promoting brand awareness.

Google Display Campaigns

Youtube Video and Google Discover Campaigns

YouTube Video Campaigns are ads that boost a brand’s presence on YouTube, while Google Discover Campaigns are personalized image-rich ads that appear on Gmail, Google feeds, and YouTube for branding, e-commerce, and service pages.

Our Search Engine Marketing Work Process



At this stage, we interview you and like to understand your campaign goal, campaign budget, and campaign time.


Keyword Analysis Stage

This is the second stage. In this stage, we try to find keywords that will be used in the campaign. We choose the keywords with the consideration of customer intent.


Campaign Setup Stage

We set up and run the campaign at this stage. We also set up google analytics on your website if it's not installed yet. Because we will need google analytics for retargeting the audience.


Measurement, Analysis & Testing Stage

After running the campaign we start optimizing your ad so that it gives us the most profit.


Reporting Stage

After finishing the campaign we will provide a detailed report to you. So that you can understand if the campaign was profitable or not.

Read Most Frequent Questions

The full meaning of SEM is Search Engine Marketing. When someone wants to run an advertisement on any search engine (like Google and Bing) it is called SEM. Youtube ads also fall under search engine marketing.

The main advantage of SEM is its affordability. All types of businesses can afford it. It runs on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model, which means you will pay only when someone lands on your desired page. And you can target very specific types of customers (like, you can target depending on their age, gender, location, and interest).

So if you target only your targeted customers they will be more likely to be converted as a customer and you will be spending less. That’s why Search Engine Marketing is becoming very popular in small and medium businesses because it makes Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) very low.

To understand the full advantage of SEM you also need to know how it works. Let’s answer the question below.

Search Engine Marketing campaigns run on keywords. That means you can select a keyword and tell search engines to show your advertisement if only someone writes this exact keyword.
To understand these, let’s have an example.

Suppose you have a mobile phone store in New Jersey, USA, and you want to sell an iPhone in this area. So you will tell google that if someone from New Jersey searches “buy iPhone in New Jersey” show your ads to them.

So in this situation, if someone from New Jersey searches for this keyword in Google your ad will appear to them and if someone clicks, only then google will charge you.

That means you can show your ads only to your potential customers and because they search this keyword that means they are more likely to buy your product.

Yes obviously. SEM is very effective and that’s why business owners from all over the world are using it.

If you know how to optimize your search engine ad, you can increase your return on investment and make a great profit out of it. If you are looking for an SEM agency that can run and optimize your ads for you, you can consider us.

SEM agencies do everything about your search engine ads. They will consult with you, they will like to know your goal, time, and budget. Then they will run and optimize your ad, and at last, they will give you the report.

If you choose the right SEM agency you will make a profit on your investment.

There are many people who are targeting the same keyword for google ads, so how does google decide which ads to show and which ads to decline? The answer is by using an Ad Rank Algorithm. This is an algorithm that decides which ads are more relevant and provide good user experiences to the visitors.

This Ad Rank Algorithm considers mainly 3 factors.

  • Ad Relevance (is this ad relevant to the visitors?)
  • Click Through Rate (are the visitors clicking on the results?)
  • Landing Page Experiences (are the visitors staying on the landing page and does the page fulfill customers’ needs?)

By using these 3 metrics google gives a score to every ad campaign, and the first (get the most Ad Rank score) 3 or 4 ad campaigns will show in the search results.

So if your ad is not well optimized then it might not show in the search result. So it’s more important to find a good SEM agency like us.

There is no exact answer. It depends on your location, keyword, and keyword competition. Sometimes you can get CPC (Cost Per Click) under 2 USD, and sometimes it will cost more than 15 USD. So we can give you the budget estimate after the interview stage. Like to have a free interview, call this number 46854522222

The total cost of your campaign will be = (Your Total Spending of Google Ads Campaign + Our Fee)
Generally, it doesn’t cost a lot. But for the estimate, you can contact us.

After finishing the campaign you will get the full result, but you will start seeing results after one week.
You can not judge a campaign before finishing it because we need to change a lot of things over time. We call it ad optimization. Putting negative keywords, adding interest, and changing the meta title and description fall under ad optimization.

We set up mainly all types of campaigns like:

  • Google search campaigns
  • Google shopping campaigns
  • Google display campaigns
  • Youtube video campaigns
  • Google discover campaigns
  • App campaigns
  • Smart campaign
  • Performance max campaigns

We will suggest which types of campaigns would be best for you in the interview stage.

Why Should You Choose Us Instead of Other Agencies?

You should choose us because we are specialists in this area and we provide SEM services at a very affordable price. We also provide all the digital agency services like,

If you take multiple services from us we can give you a discount. If you like to know more about the discounts you can call us (+4654522222)

Why Should You Choose Us

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